Should I email/text guy I met while on vacation?

Met him while on vacation, he is from the island. We went on a tour together, he knew the people who were operating it and we had such a blast together. He gave me his contact information but before we departed, there was no real "goodbye". He just told me the bus I was suppose to get on and he got on his. We had both been contemplating on how to meet up again because my resort was strict with who entered. He had called me at my hotel and we were arranging to see each other later. He was suppose to call me back and never did. I at least wanted to tell him it was nice meeting him and I had a good time but I don't know if I should considering I didn't hear from him? He was very "into" me for sure it's just the moment we departed it was like he switched up.


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  • He might have been interested but he probably didn't want to pursue it because of the distance. But I don't see any hard in sending him an e-mail and see how he is doing.


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