Guys, do YOU genuinely miss a girl after a break up?

Say you broke up with a girl you really loved and you were with for a while. Do YOU really miss her after a break up? If so, do you express it? Do you cry at all? Or do you try to forget it? Do you try flirting with other girls to forget her? or do YOU find it easy to move on?

** I'm asking YOU specifically


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  • Yes.

    My ex and I broke up almost a year ago and for the first 3 months I missed her like hell and yes I'd cry. Just doing the stuff we'd do together, but now alone, made me miss her and think about her. We were together for 4 years so we shared a lot of experiences, investing and such together.

    For the first few months, I didn't really flirt or hang out with any girls to get her off my mind. Though there was a girl I DID like who I gave my # to, as I felt I just wasn't quite ready to be aggressive (she never called/texted).

    But in general, over time, talking to or hanging out with other girls (I was going to school, so I was surrounded by them) helped a lot, I suppose. But that's not to say it was "easy" to move on. Our separation was amicable, so we still talk and are great friends, though I know that doesn't work for every body.


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  • Personally, the first time I lost a woman that I loved, truly, genuinely loved with all my heart, I grieved, and then I vowed I would never let anybody else see that side of me unless she returned. Choosing to be by yourself is hard, other than myself I never met anyone else who has done it, but 5 years after, we reconnected but she left me again, that time around I wasn't as devastated, because I know I can handle the life I choose to live, maybe I'm just crazy, but she's the only one for me.

  • honestly I have no idea. I don't know if I miss her or the feeling I got when I was with her

    If it's the feeling then anyone could replicate it

    • yeah, that's the scary part..:/

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