Why did my ex contact me then ignore me?

I broke up with my ex 8 months ago and he was completely heartbroken. We were each others first love and he just got into a relationship in July and the girl broke up with him 3 weeks later. He said he loved the girl but I don't know.Then he texts me, saying he still loves me and that he always thinks about me. We had small talk, then I told him its best we don't talk anymore! Then he stops texting me, no goodbye?! Does he really love me still? Is he rebounding with me since he just broke up with a girl? What's his deal?


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  • I don't know you nor do I know him so I don't know if he still loves you or is just lonely after the break up, which also applies to the rebounding idea. The main point though, if you broke up with him, then you shouldn't go back to him. Spare yourself the waste of time. You are better than that. That much I know.


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