What would you think of an exgirlfriend that acted this way?

My ex boyfriend of 3 and half years who I broke up with came by the house today. He is still talks to my family. He has been dating his girlfriend for a couple of weeks. I am not upset that he got a girlfriend but that when I asked him he didn't tell me himself. I had to find out through Facebook. I was still wondering if we could work out or not during that time. Now I am sure that it wasn't going to and I am okay with him dating someone else. Obviously that awkwardness still exists because we were together for such a long time.

When I saw him today I talked to him and we hung out with my family. His girlfriend knows he came by while I was there. When we were alone I brought up that out of respect he could've told me about it. He told me he was sorry. Should I have never said anything and acted as if nothing. Would you have done the same thing man or woman? We talked about his girlfriend and I told him he should've brought her around. What do you think he thought about me acting nonchalant and acting cool with everything?


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  • I can understand why he wouldn't. I would've done the same thing, because bringing a new girlfriend to an ex's family might be taken the wrong way, like... "Hey! this is the girl that I've always wanted and your daughter couldn't be". To me, bringing his new girlfriend to RANDOMLY meet my ex and all of her family would be SO DAMN AWKWARD! If the girl knew what was smart for her, she'd reject the offer and not meet you guys because that has drama and trouble written all over it.

    New girlfriends and ex's don't mix very well... New girlfriends, an ex, along with the ex's family is a recipe for disaster.

    Everytime I got a new girlfriend, I don't just message my ex and say "HEY LOOK! I found a new woman now! I like her, and hopefully she'll become the woman that you couldn't! :D"

    haha, do you understand where I'm coming from?

    • Yes, I know what you mean. I told him to bring her around so I'm sure next time he will. My family knows that since I broke up with him they have nothing against him. I know it will be awkward I feel he should've never said anything about us dating sometimes is better that way.

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  • You are giving him the impression that you are over him and okay with dating other people.

    I think you operated mature.

    It seems like he didn't tell you about his relationship because he may still have feelings for you.


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