Can this kind of rs work?

Imagine you having a friends with benefits and you text nearly everyday several times, meet 1-2 times a week, work together, cuddling time after sex, sharing secret stuff and hanging out. Like not just spending a few hours together, instead spending the night...but he is kinda keeping it straight that I shouldn´t fall in love. We just started dating a short time ago, I am not in love, but if it keeps intimate like that, I don't know how I will feel about it.

I don't want to get involved in somekind of drama, but do you think this can work, in the way he is stating this: Just enjoying each other and have a good time?

Can out of theses situations develop something more? Or better step back?

Opinions, experiences?


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  • Are both of happy then it's good but, my concern when you actually find you're dear one then

    1. will able to leave him?

    2. will that guy accept your relation after knowing about you already had such relation?

    3. Will you accept somebody if reveals the truth that before coming to you're life he was having such relation

    Because, if this is not a real love one day you'll seek or find true love or may get married I suppose at that time do you have answer to this question. Yes if you don't want a true love in future then there may be no matter to worry the point is there are consequences of every action for which you should be ready.

    • thanks for the response. I don't know exactly what I want. One time, sure I want the true love. But I am still very young, so I don't expect it to happen now. I am worried, what happens, if we get more involved, but the feelings are not mutual

    • Don't want to discourage you but. sometimes feelings weaken us we may loose our self respect materialistic need can get easily diverted to someone else what if that happens by him or may be by you want it add more complexion if you're too young to fall in love then also too young to handle that. My response is my personal view you may not like that. but, think about that if you like

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  • Friends with benefits is excellent in theory but not so in practice. One always develops more feeling for the other. He did say do not fall in love so I would take it that's what he means. If you feel you may be or will develop feelings for him maybe it's time to cool it off with him. Sorry just being honest!

    • Don?t have to be sorry, you are probably right. But it is easier to cool it off in the beinning than in a status when you already miss someone

    • I know it's easier said then done when you really like someone or are even just enjoying their company but the longer it goes on the harder it will become!

  • I don't think this can work out, sorry :/ It looks like he's playing with your feelings, he's having everything that a relationship has, but he also has the extra choice of being with what ever girl he wants to be with.

    Please try to find someone who can't see the sun, because he loves you so much!

    Don't try to follow people that don't appreciate you for who you are!

    Wish you best of luck!

    • thank you. This is a sweet response. Well I am not sure, if he is really playing, it seems to m e a little bit that he is afraid. Idk. I am not sure if I should consider this only as fun thing, when we just dated a few times, or wait a little bit and see what time will do

  • If he's made it clear that he doesn't want more and doesn't want you feeling more, it's probably not going to grow into more.


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