Ex-girlfriend question: Can I rekindle something or should I just move on?

We haven't spoken in over a year but we have started to again, recently. Started reminiscing and she said "you're still the only guy who wanted me to wear costumes in bed. I must admit, it was very fun". afterward, we text until 2am and she told me that I had her thinking about "us" again but that she doesn't want to go down that path again - things got messy before (nothing too crazy, just not a clean break-up)

A few days later, we kissed (she initiated) but then she broke off and said that it "Wasn't NOT fun" (she used a double negative there) "but I just felt unsure about it".

A few days after that, I kissed her (and she kissed back) but then stopped after a few and said "I don't want to lead you on. You're a really cool guy and I enjoy your company but things always get complicated after we hook up".

Any advice? Does it sound like I have no chance anymore (and should just drop it)?

(Side question) We were texting this morning and I told her I was going to head out, ttyl. She said: "kk have a good day". Does that imply she's saying goodbye for the day and doesn't want to talk again today or am I reading too deep into it?

Thanks for any help.


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  • First question: she doesn't want to start anything with you again, as her mind tells her, but her heart does want you. If you really wanna go for her and think you can make things work, I suggest you flirt with her, but talk with her about the complicated things after you hook up. Ask her what she means by it or, if you already know it, explain to her how you wanna make things work now where they previously went wrong. Once she realizes that there is a future for you together, maybe she'll change her mind, since her heart is already won over.

    Side question: it's just wishing you a nice day, I say that too when someone says they have to go, nothing meant by it just wishing them a good day. It has nothing to do with wanting or not wanting to text you or you texting her.

    • That would be a best case scenario; But, I do kinda agree with the other commentator as well. No harm in a little flirting. I will see where it leads me. Thanks for the advice.

      (You were right about the side question, by the way. She text me again afterwards)

    • Yeah, that's what I said as well, you can flirt a little with her and then see how it goes, if she keeps on dwelling on what happened before, talk to her about things and you'll see :)

      Good luck!

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  • I think you should try to rekindle with her. Everything you are doing in this period of time is a test to her, whether you are good material for a boyfriend.

    You have to tell her that you don't want to hook-up with her, but you want to have a serious mature relationship with her. Tell her how you feel, and if she loves you back, everything will be good.


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  • I've been down that road before. If she really wanted to be with you, she would have gladly taken that opportunity to grab you before she lets you go. This girl basically said she doesn't want to lead you on. That just says it all; she doesn't want anything more from you than a good clean friendship. I say it's always best for you to move on; live your days the best you can and hopefully a good girl can like you for the catch that you really are or have the potential to be. In the end that's what we should all do. Move on. for if she really wanted you she would'nt have wasted that opportunity to be with you.

    • Everything you said makes perfect sense. I guess I will keep things cordial with a little flirting here and there (not expecting anything more - but if something should come of that, great). Thank you for taking time to answer.

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