Why is my ex doing this?

He broke up with me two months ago.. I'm still very hurt by it but I'm trying to move on. Lately he's been posting sad tweets on twitter and now he's retweeting all of mine, liking all my pictures on instagram and If I post something he will text me about it sometimes. He thinks I don't care because I won't text him first. I still do have feelings for him and I recently moved to another school, could it be that he's afraid that I'll move on and find someone else and he doesn't want that? Or could he still possibly have feelings for me?


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  • He may have feelings for you, but just move on, to be safe.


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  • Yeah it sounds like he realized what he's lost and is feeling some type of regret. I agree you both still have feelings for each other, but If I were you I would MOVE ON. Well it depends on why he broke up with you. Do you want him to take you back? Do you give second chances? Do you need this guy back again because you genuinely love him,or is it because you don't have anyone else? Absence of the heart makes you miss a person more.

    "He thinks I don't care because I don't text him first" Why should you in the first place? You're the ones ass who got dumped. He should be the one texting You first.

    Plus you moved to a different school so your worry of him cheating on some chick will make things worse if you do get back together. You are at a new place so start fresh.


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