Should I move on already? I'm getting frustrated.

We text each other quite often (everyday) til now it's been about 5 months and we've kissed once, and it was her first kiss but that was some time ago.

She's the type that likes politics, studying and reading like that while I'm the type that loves to party and have fun We both like each other but she still keeps leading me on. I tried to ask her out a couple of times but she won't go out with me and doesn't give me a straight answer.

She doesn't say no, but mostly makes excuses and usually says "next time". Her excuses aren't stupid, but still. She's leaving for college very soon and we won't see each other.

I'm very confused, I know she likes me and she's not the type to play around with guys, but she just leads me on. I've already tried ignoring her for a week before but then we started talking again.

Should I just on move on? 5 months is too damn long and this is way going way too slow.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes, definitely move on. If a girl likes you, she'll make time to go out that night or the next, aside from extraordinary circumstances.

    • thank you for the reply,

      its gonna be real hard but I guess I just have to move on. But why do you think she keeps leading me on when she's not the type to and when she likes me?

    • Her brother is being held hostage, she has emotional issues, her dad is spec ops in Iraq... don't know, and don't care, and you shouldn't either. There are millions of other girls, and she isn't very unique, really. You'll find someone cool.

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  • move on, if she was interested she would be eager to go out with you and spend time alone, and she definitely would have kissed you again since the first time. Hopefully her leaving for college will be the thing you need to get her out of your mind and let you go...


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  • 5 months? Man she wasted your time.

    Hodgetwins said, "You should be deep inside of her in a maximum of 3 weeks".


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