I think my boyfriend is going to break up with me help

Ok so me and my boyfriend have been argueing a lot lately but it's only because every since he left for the army about a year ago he changed he's more like a idc ass hole now it's like he went from the drama club to the football team that's just an example. but sometimes he can be sweet. Any who last night we were talking and he was like what if we need to break up to be happy and I told him I'm happy I just want him to change like I've changed a lot for him. I know he goes through a lot with his job but I'm trying to be here for him even though I'm not there and it doesn't really help that he's getting deployed in November so I don't want him to cheat on me(witch he has tried to do twice before I cought him but like I said everything changed when he left) and I don't want him to break up with me while he's there because it would be messed up but I don't wanna end it cause I'm in love with him he's my first love. But I just wanna be more papared if he does I've changed so much for him that I'm not the same girl I used to be things like this would never get to me now it does I became more emostnal I just need some advice but he is coming to see me one last time before he goes but he's only in there for two more years so why would he wanna let go of someone he can have forever just because of his job I don't get it and it seems like he takes everything that they put him though out in me like its my fault all the anger he would like to let out on them he lets it out on me. Give me some advice


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  • Do you really think he's gonna break up ? Girl, come to me then. I'm just the right man for you ;)

    Try something new :P ;)


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