Do I deserve it and do you think it was karma?

I'm a bisexual female who was dating another girl. She said she thought I was cheating on her, so I confessed that I was. She began yelling at me, but I was driving at the time and didn't want to get distracted. So I pulled over and without thinking I punched her. Oh boy, big mistake... She defended herself by pieing my face with a pie she was eating on her lap at the time and shoving my boobs. A cop car saw all this and flashed it's sirens. After we explained to the policewoman what happened, I asked her if we were free to go. She replied "Miss (my last name), please put your hands behind your back. You're under arrest. You have the right to remain silent..." as she handcuffed me and put me in the cop car. The other girl I was cheating on her with dumped me while I was in jail, but not before telling me that I "looked great in orange". My biggest concern, however, was that I violated probation and could get a much worse punishment. And the worst part is, it's all my secret. My family doesn't know because they'll flip out if I tell them I cheated , went to jail, and worst of all, might get even more time in jail. I'm still debating if I should tell them...

It was a pretty s****y experience, but I wanna know whether you feel as though I deserve it and it was karma? Do you sympathize with me at least a little?


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  • well there is no question here,you brought it all on to yourself. cheated-got dumped and yelled at. punched her-went to jail. violated probation-will get punished.


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  • obviously you did wrong but going to prison does sound like a little harsh. I think if you were'nt on probation then it won't be such big issue. And I think main problem here is that you cheated and punched her..well..u gals could had a cat fight...but I don't think you deserve the prison for that. Many people and cheat and fight. I do sympathize with you and it was not your karma, just the coincidence that you guys were in a car and you got arrested by a cop (sounds like a movie scene)and messedup circumstances.

    I really do hope that you should learn from it and keep yourself in control, at least for your own good. Take care

  • you punched your partner while on probation, do you really think anyone on here is going to say "no sweetie, you didn't deserve it"?!

  • there is no such thing as karma.

    Though does she have proof of you cheating, or is it just suspicion?

  • Are you serious?

    If so, yes you do deserve it. Being annoyed does not justify using force against someone. Using force is justifiable only in self-defence.

    Yes you should tell your family.

    With regard to your cheating tendencies and violent tendencies, you need to learn some self-control.


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  • You deserved this...

    You cheated on her, then when she got mad, you punched her? Jail seems like a fine place for you.. I do not sympathize with you the slightest..

    I would've dumped you on the spot as well... you should be ashamed of yourself..

    • I know that I brought most of it on myself, but seriously, women's prisons in my country are hellholes. The jail I'm probably getting sent to requires me to wear an embarrassing orange jumpsuit the entire time and spend 22 hours a day in my cell. Seriously I don't want ANYONE to see me wearing the jail uniform. Not to mention, the sentencing in my country is kinda harsh, so I could get up to 2-4 months for some small fight! In Denmark, jails are a lot more humane, so your image might be different

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    • uh...i'm a girl who has been in a women's prison before (40 days), and believe me, honey. the uniform is the LEAST of your problem. you have no privacy at all in there. you'll have to pee, bathe, s**t, and fart in front of all the other girls. there's violence everywhere, the food is absolutely disgusting and almost impossible to eat, and the loneliness will overwhelm you. your friends and family will only see you a few hours a week through a ****ing glass window, so if I were you, I would stop w

    • (continued) stop whining about the uniform and quit being a spoiled brat. you made a whole TON of mistakes and you're going to pay for it, and trust me, it WILL be a wake up call. by the way, this is my first ever comment on GAG. I made this account mainly just to post this one comment

  • You deserved this, yes.

    >> You cheated on your girlfriend.

    >> You hit her.

    >> You violated parole.

    It's time to pay the consequences and hopefully this time, you learn your lesson.

    Try not to repeat your mistakes in the future.

    Best to you!


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