Guys, do you keep contacting your ex out of guilty of dumping them?

this has happened to ex broke up with me a week ago out of the blue, saying his feelings are gone.(we never even fight). I accepted his decision,no drama. and he took down our photo on his Facebook as well.

here is the first question: does that mean he is totally,completely done with me?

however he keeps commenting on my Facebook status whenever I post one,none of which is about him or the relationship.

so the second question: guys, do you do this Because you think this will ease the pain for the girl? Because you think this will help her recover?

if not..why?


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  • Don't know, never personally dumped any girl. Although I believe it's to keep a girl 'on the hook', incase they eventually realize they did something stupid or if they were trying to go out with someone else and that didn't work...

    • when he broke up with me he sounded determined..he said I should forget about him and try to find someone else..and he said he would leave me alone...

      it hurts. and I am not over him yet..but I'm not sure how to process all his words and behaviors..

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    • so your saying its not because he's guilty..its because he wants a back-up?

      and is it possible he really realizes he made a mistake?

    • Yeah guys might feel a bit of guilt before hand and maybe while doing it, but once it's done they get over it pretty fast. It most likely is a safety back up thing, but there's a slight chance he may date other girls and realize that you could have been the one that was best for him. Although if it were me, I'd not pin my hopes on it. I'm a very cynical dater now, if a girl breaks up with me I accept it and move on as soon as possible it's the best way for me personally to deal with it.

  • I would do it, but I don't know if they'd understand or appreciate.

    • you mean,.you would keep some sort of contact with them to make sure they are doing ok? because you don't want to hurt them too much or sometihng?

    • Not everyone likes to remember his past or to know at least one other knows it

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