How can I get my exgirlfriend back after 3 years of being apart?

Okay me and this girl started going out when I was 13 I'm 16 now and she was 15 and I'm not going to lie I was controlling at times but nothing crazy we went out for a year I lost my vcard to her and had a amazing time together but I f***ed up and got into a lot trouble everything started to go down hill and we broke up and it been 3 years and I have not stopped thinking about her since I haven't seen her since because of the age difference she hangs out with people her age I do the same and we since we broke we've kinda text or talked on the phone for a year and then eventually stop talking for a while the started again she said she wanted to hang out and chill but we never did its been maybe 2 months since then and I was drunk and called her at like 2 am off somebody else's phone and she said I was being creepy after we talked for a little while and her birthday is today but her party was yesterday and I text her happy birthday turn up the day of her party and got no reply what should I do how could I get her back?


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  • Well you don't get her back by being creepy and drunk calling her. You probably pretty much lost your chance now.

    Dude, just move on and start getting on with your life without her.

  • don't bother is probably the best way.


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