Guy with a girlfriend??

So I've been good friends with this guy since his friend and I started dating a year and a half ago. When we broke up, we still remained friends and he told me that I could do better. He has a girlfriend on and off for three years, they've known each other for six years, and she doesn't go to our school. He and I have become pretty close and sometimes he is really flirty with me. He'll sit close to me on the couch and put his hand on my knee/thigh for a few seconds, hell ask me a lot of questions about myself, and we hang out every morning before school and sometimes play one on one basketball where he picks me up. He stares at me a lot when I'm around, and during prom when he took his girlfriend, he had told me before when I asked to do a hairstyle I sometimes do at school for prom. When he saw me, he said I looked really good and talked to me for a bit. Also, I just joined cross country and he ran beside me at the end during the meet to cheer and encourage me on. After that, he gave me a high five with both hands and kind of entwined his fingers with mine and squeezed. He also gives me hugs and squeezes as well. He doesn't do this with any other girl but he is generally a sweet and caring guy. During our senior trip he hung out with me the entire day and we went canoeing together, and swam in the lake together, and danced a bit. He flicked my ponytail from behind and when I turned he smiled at me, also to hear me better, he will put his hand on my back and bend down to listen. When we hung out on the playground with a bunch of friends at camp, he came and sat by me and started talking to me. Sometimes like when I'm walking by him I can see him glance at me and look at me but won't come up and talk to me. When I went to get seconds for food, he saw me and came up there as well and stood behind me but kind of awkwardly didn't say anything to me. People do always comment on how we flirt a lot and even when my ex and I were dating, my ex got mad that we were close. Do I have a chance with him because I know there is attraction and connection there, but at the same time him and his girlfriend are very attached and were dating before I met him. Help? And also why will he glance at me sometimes but not talk to me?


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  • It sounds like he really likes you, but the fact that he has a girlfriend puts you in a tough situation. He's totally leading you on, but nothing can happen cause he has a girlfriend. He could be being extra flirty with you because he knows that if he breaks up with his girlfriend, you'd still be there. I think you definitely have a chance with him, but because he's taken, nothing can happen at the moment between you two. And to answer your question: "why will he glance at me sometimes but not talk to me?," he's likely doing this because he's playing hard to get, so that means he probably likes you. If he becomes single in the near future, go for it! Life's to short to not take chances. Good luck!

    • thank you so much for your answer:)! Hopefully things work out for the best!

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