He pulled back after showing affection


you really have to help me to understand this. I went out with this guy 4x. He broke up with his ex-girlfriend 4 weeks ago and he told me at the very beginning that he would like to take things slow. Last time when we were out he told me that he really really likes me, talked to me, was gentle and finally kissed me. He kissed me really passionately, affectionately and was holding me in his arms like a person you really love. We were texting, fb messaging and emailing whole week, but I start to feel that he is avoiding meeting me and contacts me less and less. I asked him if he made up his mind and he answered "not at all, I´m not running away from you", but he still didn´t asked me out again. He also told me that the reason why he didn´t want to meet me was that he was sick and didn´t want me to see him that way. But he also told me that he doesn´t want to jump into relationship with me immadiately, he because he didn´t recover from the break-up, but he wants definitely meet me again. We haven´t seen each other for more than one week, he is only contacting me through FB and emails. What should I think about this?


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  • I agree, he's sounding sketchy. He moved too fast with the passionate kissing etc. He might have got advice later that he needs to slow down. He can't contact you through emails and FB unless you allow it! If you don't respond to those things...he will call you instead. If 10 days go by without him setting up another date, you need to push him aside until he gets his act together. If its true he "really, really" likes you...he's not going anywhere. At this point...dates count. No other form of communication counts as a "contact". That being said...if he waits longer than 10 days to ask for another date, you need to non verbally teach this guy a lesson.


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