Why did you break up?

What were the reasons behind your last split? If you could go back and change something you did what would it be? Would you get back together with the person? What would you change about them?


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  • Long story short. I'm a confrontational person, if you have a problem I believe it's best to face it. My ex liked to bury her head in the sand and ignore things. Which makes sense sometimes, but she did this for 90 percent of her problems.

    Essentially she started doing this whenever a problem arose in our relationship. Few years later, and for reasons I won't explain here, it ended up costing the life of her God Nephew (if that exists I'm not sure, seems to be most fitting name).

    He could have been saved, our whole relationship could have been saved, if she had just turned and faced these things. Pretty much that day I realized there never WAS a relationship, cause to be in a relationship, you have to be on a two way road, and this whole time there was only just one road. There ya go.


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