My boyfriend and I just started a one week BREAK. He was crying a lot

and I was too when we parted at my door. It's the first time I ever saw him crying. No contact whatsoever for a week. I blocked him and his family on Facebook, no texting/emails/calling and I wiped out all his stuff from my apartment as if we had broken up.

The problem in our relationship is that he's not as ''into it'' as before since a few weeks. He stopped putting effort into the relationship recently because he's been having doubts about us (not sure if he misses me and wants to see me when we're apart, not sure that he still loves me, not sure that he wants to marry me later down the road). So after one hour of discussion yesterday and 2 more today, he asked me for a week to figure this out. We've been together for almost 2 years and he acts hot and cold once in a while. It's the first time we ever go on a break. We are each others' first gf/bf, etc.

I need support. I've never done this before and I feel helpless. I don't know if he was crying because he just felt the pain of losing me or because he realized he wanted to break up. Please share your experiences.


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  • just don't think about him. masterbating would help for me, not sure how girls do it tho.

    • Lol we broke up, thanks for the ''not thinking about him'' advice :P

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