Is crying when starting a break a good or bad sign?

After almost 2 years with my boyfriend, he initiated a one week break to think about whether or not he still wants to be with me. When he left, he cried a lot. I had never seen him crying before. Is that a good sign? I don't know if he was crying because he just felt the pain of losing me or because he realized he wanted to break up!


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  • You guys were together for two years! That's enough time to get attached to someone. He obviously felt the pain and longing he would suffer. Are you sure the reason for this break is his own decision? Someone could be forcing him. I'm getting ahead of myself here sorry the not so good perks of having a creative mind. I think it's a good sign because it indicates he doesn't want to break up with you and the idea of breaking up with you pains him.

    • Recently he played cold and neglected me a lot because he was unsure about his feelings for me. He wasn't sure he missed me when we were apart and he was having doubts about a very long-term future with me. He agrees that I give him my 110% always and that I deserve more. He wanted one week to figure this out. He doesn't know if he wants us to remain "very good friends" or to keep pursuing this relationship he's unsure about. I've been clear though: I will cease all contact if we break uo.

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    • You're welcome!

    • Thanks anyway and hopefully things would work out for you :)

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  • I think he met someone new and was crying behind the guilt and because he doesn't know if he made the right decision which I will bet 100% he will regret.


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