Is there a chance she will contact again? I know I likely shouldn't want her to be in contact but ...

I met a woman on a flight in March and we didn't connect again until June when I reached out to her. She was headed on a vacation to Mexico to her condo and I casually mentioned that if she wanted someone to join her for a beer I would.

Later that afternoon she texted and asked if I was coming. We spent the next week talking on the phone, video chatting and getting to know each other while she was in Mexico and I was in Canada.

When I arrived the chemistry was amazing and we had the most incredible 6 nights together. The L word was spoken and talk of taking things to the next level and meeting families and her son was had.

We booked the same return flight and I again spent the night with her when we arrived.

The next day we found out her ex was at the airport and was waiting for us to get off the plane (but did not approach). He sent an email confronting her. He had apparently broken into her email account to see our correspondence and flight information.

As we lived in different cities we saw each other whenever I was down on business. I met her best friend - who I was told loved me.

After meeting her friend on the Wednesday we spoke in detail on the Friday and I was told she adored me and that she didn't want to go too fast as she wanted this to work.

We didn't speak on the Saturday.

Sunday I called in the morning and it went to voice mail. 30 seconds later I get a text saying she's watching TV and getting ready for the day.

That night at 6 pm I get a TEXT saying "There is no future here. I wish you the best. I formally request not further contact". When I called for an explanation she said she didn't owe me one as we only spent 7 days together.

I gave it a week and a half and wrote a email outlining how I truly felt and how I was open to not having kids (she didn't want another).. 3 days later I get a text saying "stop just stop". She accused me of trying to log into her email account. I said I just needed to understand and if she respected me or felt anything from me she wouldn't just send a cowardly email. I also explained I was on a flight and didn't have access to a computer all day. I sent her the email of my ticket.

She said you didn't respect me by sending the email and trying to get into her email account (which I had not).

She also texted back "I'm just following the direction of others" (?)

I know as I type this it seems like a soap opera and most people would run forest gump fast from her.

The connection she and I had was incredible. I've waited 40 years for something like that.

I'm miserable, I can't sleep and I know I would never be able to trust her words again as they seem to change dramatically in 18 hours.

I'm looking for closure or just a conversation. I know gifts won't do it and I want to respect the fact she doesn't want contact.

I need to function without my mind being consumed by this woman I spent a just over a month with.

I am afraid that if I don't understand why I will always hold hope.


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  • Her ex hacked her e-mails, shows up at the airport, he's obviously got something to do with this. If I had to guess, he's very controlling and by her actions it seems she might be acting cold towards you in order to protect you [and herself] from him, or what he might have threatened. Who knows what her ex is capable of or what he's done in the past.

    Just leave her be for now as you could only be making things worse for her especially if he is controlling and abusive. Maybe down the road when she works things out she'll get back in contact.


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  • I smell the ex in the picture who is very much being a huge influence, thus "I'm just following the direction of others"

    let her be for now, he may be a lunatic and very controlling as you witnessed when he casually showed up at the airport after getting into her emails..she is just trying to be careful..wait,be patient,u have waited all these years for her ..just wait a little bit longer while she gets rid of this moron.


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  • You have your closure. For whatever reason she wants no more contact with you. She's a are exactly right, "RUN FOREST!"

    You had your fun, got your d*** wet...just move on.

  • No hope now. You acted too creepy. Let her go and let her be. She's gotten into your head and you're powerless. Try to realize that.


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