Trying to gauge his interest; where he lives makes me wonder

My parents live together in a house. That sounds normal. However, they have been divorced over 10 years. An uncle also lives in this house. It's a modern family, what can I say. There is also one other roommate, a guy a few years older than me.

I have hung out with several times at the house. We have a great rapport and have talked for hours several times. We agree on so many things on such different levels it's totally weird to me. But I love it. So I've definitely developed a crush. I spent almost all of last weekend with him at my parents'/his house. I was pet sitting for them as they were each traveling and they didn't want to burden him with their dogs.

Friday I got there a little before 10, late night at the office. He came in about 20 minutes later and I was laid out on the couch watching preseason football. He sat down and we hung out the rest of the night from there. Here are the 3 things he did/said that made me wonder his interest level. (And we were both drinking, but neither of us were smashed.)

First off, the couch we were chilling on is a large sectional couch. I had my head in the corner part and was stretched out down one side. He was a cushion or two down from me on the other side. When we went outside and came back in he sat on the closest cushion to the corner cushion where my head had been. If I wasn't sitting with my legs tucked under me my right knee and his left knee would be touching. He definitely made a move into my space, right?

Secondly, he was planning to have a friend over who wanted to craft a beer on Saturday. I had plans in the area (another reason I was dog sitting) so I told him about those and he told me that when I was done I should come over there and swim and cook out with them. He said that more than once.

Thirdly, we're both college football fans. He can't wait for college football to start and at a point during the night he told me that I should take Friday off of work and stay up at the house and watch college FB with him all Thursday night, Friday and Saturday. Hmmm.

Eventually he went to bed and that was that. The next morning I had to be up early and dressed nice for a bridal shower. When he heard me go down the stairs he came downstairs and talked to me until I left. He reiterated the day's plans of beer and cooking out and I told him I'd be back and I'd see him later. This was around 10 am.

Around 5 I had a text from him (I was still busy with my previous plans) and he asked me if would be hungry for burgers because he was going to grill. He also said "this is ____ by the way, your dad gave me your # in case I needed it". Now my dad also gave me his # but I knew my dad and knew that he'd give each number to each of us so I wanted to see if he'd choose to use it.

Once I got back Saturday we stayed up till about 2 talking, drinking and swimming.

Do you think the fact he lives with my parents may give him reservations about me? Do you think he's interested at all anyway?


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  • You don't crap where you eat.

    This is a problem waiting to happen.

    You are a girl and girls will paint it love and drop it on a guy in a heart beat. What will your family see and what will they think?

    There is a reason he is not making a big move. You know he wants it. You are super convenient and most guys would not pass up an easy lay. But he is wondering about will he have a home if crap should hit the fan. With all the other people in the world why shop in a danger zone.

    Have fun.


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  • He's probably interested, but yeah, he could be trying to conserve some pride or be respectful or something, in regards to him living with your parents. It's definitely a sticky situation. Maybe try to fish an answer or reaction from him? Would your parents be against the idea?

    • I could try fishing. I assume the thought of rejection could be a serious constraint because considering what you said I thought "what if it's a no? I'd never go to my parents' again!" Hahaha! So maybe that could be a reservation if he was interested... Well, I have a very need-to-know dad and my mom is pretty aloof. She just wants grand babies, ha. I know they like him, he's very good people. Le sigh.

  • Friend over for "craft beer"? Geez you must be dating Sam Adams or something.

  • He's not making a move cause it could cost him moving out.


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