Name some ways you think you can tell if your mate has been with someone else...

So I had this conversation with a long-time male friend of mine. We grew up together, and he said he would definitely be able to tell physically if his girlfriend slept with another dude behind his back.

He told me how (I won't say), but I said I don't think that's credible at all.

Anyway, I'm interested in you guys answers to see if anyone says the same thing my friend said. So..

In which ways do you think you can tell if your boyfriend or girlfriend cheated on you behind your back?


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  • only that they may act differently. perhaps quicker to anger overly nice. perhaps they'll be defensive about lots of stuff.

    basically if they seem like they are overly compensating for something with no reason for it ... but it's not an exact science and I wouldn't presume that if I thought they might have cheated that I'm 100% certain

  • No way.


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