Dog acting weird after moving back home..

I have a boston terrier which I have owned for 6 years. I recently graduated college and wanted to relocate myself with my boyfriend which is about 2 hours away from my hometown. I brought my dog with me, and at first he acted odd to the new environment but then warmed up.

After two weeks, he snapped and bit my boyfriend in the face which required 5 stitches in three different locations. I figured my boston may of been homesick so I made the decision to send him back home to live with my grandma (the house I raised my boston in). He got there yesterday around 5pm, and so far, he will not eat or drink.

My dad and grandma think bad of me thinking I gave up my dog for my boyfriend, which I didn't. They also want me to pack back up and move back home. I don't know what to do. What should I do? Is this normal for dogs? Will he be ok?


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  • Dogs and other pets can be very jealous when their owners lavish attention on someone else, including people. That's my guess as to the reason for the attack and for his subsequent behavior. As for what to do about this, that isn't really clear. Your dog may get over it but not necessarily. Likewise for your family. Their reactions seem unreasonable to me, but that doesn't help your situation any. What does your boyfriend have to say about this? Is he putting you under as much pressure as your family?

    • No, my boyfriend told me not to let my dog go, but I feel it is for the best because he is homesick. So far my dog is doing better back at home with my grandmother :)

    • Kudos to your boyfriends! Especially after being bitten. I'm happy to hear that your dog is doing much better. I hope your family is doing better too.

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