Guys are so awesome at faking!!! Whats your secret?

how can guys fake a whole relationship and still have feelings for your ex girlfriend? damn are guys that good at faking! he even proposed to her and it was a real ring but a fake engagement because all he wanted was securities dealing with money! dang how yall fake stuff so good!


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  • people can be very good at perpetuating a lie if properly motivated. it's not a matter of men or women it's a human characteristic.

    • what if they hanged around older guys coming up?

    • i don't think hanging around older guys makes a difference per se. maybe if the guys they were with (regardless of age) set an example of telling lies or whatever... but when you're young most of the advice you are going to get is from older people so I wouldn't say inherently hanging with older guys will lead a guy to be a phony

    • ya exactly smh o wow

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  • We have the best teacher...WOMEN

    • lol what we be doing

    • Girl you know yall sneaky lol. And play the game like MVP's. Wink at one fella, turn your head, blow at little kiss at another fella, and holding your man hand all at the same time. A man what little game he has from a woman that's way we're always getting caught doing dumb shyt. Young girls get tricked because they're naive and young, but when they get older they are hell in heel

    • she moved in November and he basically played her like a game whole time...he still in love with his on Facebook she repeatedly post pictures of them together...he kept pictures of them off the page...yesterday she tagged him in pictures on Facebook and he left them pictures there while the relationship status was still up...and maintained his single life lol she drove his car sometimes and people still knew he was using her

  • It comes from being vastly superior.

    • but he brought her the ring and everybody knew the engagement was fake except her...his intention was not marrying her but getting it for security purposes due to the money...when she refused to send him the money he got his money back somehow off the ring and said it was over

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    • "Regardless it is as I said; he was indeed smarter than her, smart enough to pull this off " I wouldn't describe lying, cheating and using another human being for personal gain as smart and giving your trust to someone doesn't make you stupid. That mentality is victim-blaming.

    • I didn't ask what you'd call it. How convenient.

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