Do girls like guys who wear designer things?

A friend of mine recently convinced me to buy a Coach backpack. My old one was breaking and I wanted a somewhat nice looking one that wouldn't break so fast. It was around $300 originally but I got it on sale for about $80 from an outlet mall. I normally don't wear designer stuff unless you can't visibily tell that it's designer so buying the bag was kind of a stretch for me. If the backpack didn't say coach on it I don't think it would be seen as feminine. However after purchasing it I realized that people who recognize coach would probably think I was metrosexual or preppy and snooty so I'm thinking about returning it. And I figured I should ask for some opinions before I do it. I really like the backpack but I don't want to look snobby or anything like that. I'm in college by the way if that matters.

It's the blue one. link
Lol I just realized I switched the image when I made the last edit. I'm not dumb I know there's only one bag in the picture. The original pic had four different colors.


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  • It's really nice and looks like the style can work for both genders (unisex).

    You got a great bargain on that bag .

    No matter what you do in life people are always going to have an opinion.

    It shouldn't matter to you because you aren't doing anything to hurt anyone.

    If you like the bag, then keep it !

    If people form an opinion about you just because of a name brand item

    you have, then are those people you really want to waste your time on ?

    A mature adult would careless.


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  • I don't judge people by the designer, but there are people who do. Thing is though, you have the choice to be a part of those who do or those who don't. If YOU don't care, then take it for granted everyone else doesn't and ignore the few who does.

  • No,

    Not at all.

    I'm actually in a field that is surrounded and oversaturated with the quality of European-designed, high-end wear.

    But ... damn.

    Nothing "hooks" me more: than a chill guy in a black hoodie, supreme hat, and skate shoes.

    Preferably all Black.

    • But supreme's still designer it's just a different style.

    • Black everything. No words. You look like a spy.

      That's all I care about

    • Lol cool

  • I don't care who made it or how expensive it was, as long as it looks good on him. Torn and dirty clothes are a huge turn off, so as long as they look neat, it doesn't matter.

  • It doesn't matter lol I actually like a guy who puts effort in his appearance but the bookbag looks cool keep it.

  • I like it

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