I like this girl a lot and I have a plan of action, but could my plan be too bold?

About two weeks ago I met this girl at a friend's party and we got along fairly well. A couple of days after the party I was hanging out with the same friend and the girl. My friend mentions that he's going to a concert out of town to see his girlfriend and he says that me and the girl should go together. I somewhat jokingly said "Sure, I'll go", which slightly surprised the girl.

A few days later she messages me on Facebook asking if I actually would like to go to the concert. This time in all seriousness I tell her that I'd be glad to go. She then went ahead and bought the tickets and told me I could pay her back next time we hang out. This is where my plan comes in

Since I'm starting to really like her I figure that this is a golden opportunity to test the waters to see if she'd like to start dating. When I go to pay her back I'll simply pay her back for both of our tickets. Since the tickets are only $60 each, the extra money doesn't bother me at all. Worst case scenario I simply do something nice for a pretty cool girl. I am curious if this is a little too bold or passive. What do you ladies and gentlemen out there think?


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  • I'd definitely pay for your ticket and offer to pay for hers. If she doesn't want you to pay for hers then I'd take that opportunity to ask her out. Take her to a nice restaurant and an activity (like mini golf, arcade, nice dessert place).

  • I love that you think that's a bold move! Come on dude action, and you a man or a mouse? SO SO PASSIVE

    If she messaged you then she is probably interested. Ask to meet her before for drinks or something then you will see for real. And drinks are cheaper than a concert ticket, although as a girl I do love it when guys pay for me


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