I have been with this guy for over a year but he has a girlfriend, he says he is breaking up with her soon?

But now I have another guy interested in me but I don't know if I like him. The guy I have been with for a year is really serious about breaking up with his girlfriend but doesn't wanna start a relationship right away but still be together. He's not getting much sexual pleasure from me so I don't think that's just what he want? But I keep my options open with this other guy... This other guy is also his best friend so what do I do? Do I stay with the guy that's had the girlfriend an wait till they break up or try to see if I gain feeling after talking to the new guy for a month... Help?


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  • The first guy is not serious about breaking up with his girlfriend otherwise he would have done it a long time ago. Just leave his cheating ass because even if he did leave her, he would cheat on you too. As for the second guy, if you are not interested, you are not interested. Eventually you will meet someone you like and likes you and he won't be a douche bag. Hold out for the third guy.


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