He knew I liked him and I pretended I didn't know and acted normal....

and he didn't like me back but he adored me. He was the one always trying to impress me and coming up to me (leaving his friends) to come talk to me. He made effort in conversations. I was 'above' him and he would do anything to please me.


When I told him I liked him after finding out he wouldn't go out with me because of the age gap, we went awkward. I had put myself below him and after a few months, we gradually became "friends" again, but it is so weird (he knows I stopped liking him). One week we are extremely close and touchy/flirty but the next week, we are distant and awkward together or from a distant. It is always like this for us. He definitely doesn't adore me anymore.

He only adored me when he was mesmerized by me and I didn't make it obvious that I liked him. Is it possible to get back to this stage again or is it too late? We have been back as "friends" for 4 months.


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