We will eventually meet up again, how should go I behave?

Greetings people. It seems that I am meeting this ex of mine in some weeks. We share a lot of common friends and she was out of the country for a very good part of the year. We did not break up in the best way. In fact, after having a very nice relationship, she broke up with me apparently from nowhere or without any specific reason. Later on she contacted me again and as it had not been a strong reason to break up, we started dating again for some time, but when the relationship was, say, healing, I discovered she cheated on me with her ex, going somewhere for a weekend to a travel. I thought that she would say that she made a mistake and say she's sorry at least, instead she sent a Facebook message where she broke up with me again and she was kinda cruel in the words she used. I was really hurt and I had struggled with that for some time. After several months where I have not seen a trace of her, a group of friends are organizing a meeting up somewhere. I was pretty sure my ex was out of the country but it seems she will be back by the time the meeting will take place. We share a lot of common friends and they invited both (me and my ex) to the activity. They set a doodle pool up and my ex marked almost the same dates as me. So it seems that we will meet up eventually. I don't want to stop doing or go bitter for this or to skip hanging out with the other people just for one person. When I recall about her I cannot help feeling hurt and I am sure she will come and act like nothing happened. So what should be my behavior when or if I meet her? I was thinking on just having fun on my own and do not even talk to her, or talk only I have to. In the other hand I don't know which reaction I would have, as when I get to know that she will attend the activity I wasn't even surprised nor my heart "collapsed". I am pretty sure I don't want to go back with her but she was my last serious relationship. I dated a couple of girls and got laid somewhere but nothing as serious as with my ex. Thanks for your time!


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  • Act as if she's not there. Show her that your happy, and you don't need her in your life to be "happy". Especially since she wasn't kind when she was leaving you. Act as if your past relationship with her was non exsistant. And act as if it was another woman that did this to you. So if she does approach you, you already know what her character is like and can see through her bullsh*t.

    If she does speak to you, says hi or w.e. Give her one word answers, that will not allow her to continue asking more questions, or continue to conversation with you.

    If she doesn't approach you and act like a total Bi**h. Then don't even show her that your hurt, don't look her way, make sure you have with someone at the party who is also single, and will keep you company all night. So it doesn't show her that your alone, and have no one. A guy would be good, but a girl would be even better. aka just a girl that is a friend. And if your friend is flirting with you, even better, it will toture her.

    Anyways, game plan is:

    No contact (unless she approachs you, and you only give her one word answers)

    No eye contact

    Show your happy

    Show she never exsisted

    Show your relationship was fake

    Chill with a friend that won't leave your side all night guy or girl (theres always people like this at any party)

    And have a great time!


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  • just act as you would if she wasn't there, but be nice to her

  • just go with the flow.


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