Does "Sex Buddy" want more?

1. He was my first sex partner in 1997, which we had a childhood relationship at that time (I was 18 - he was 19). I am 35 now.

2. We KIT every so often/ seems like we "hook-up" every three to four years.

3. This time we are KIT much more often. He sends me a text or two everyday and night.

4. We agreed we are just "sex Buddies".

5. Two nights ago he texted me and I did not respond. I felt that he was growing closer and so ws I and I did not want that to happen. This is just about sex. He texted me four or five times after that saying I usually text him rt back, then saying am I okay he was concerned.

6. The next day I texted him back saying no worries, I'm fine, thanks for inquiring. He texted me back saying he thinks his feelings were getting the best of him last night and he woke up this morning thinking about me. He said he wasn't falling in love or anything but he is starting to feel some tyoe of way about me.

7. We had a conversation one night and I told him I LOVE being single (this is true). He said he does to but sometimes he wishes he had someone, but he can not be in a realationship becuase he needs to straighten things out with the mother of his child who is 2 years or 3ys IDK. But he states they are not together.

8. The sex is great! I don't want to give it up. I don't bother him nor call him. I let him call me.

9. He alos told me that while we're f***ing each other we shoudn't f*** no one else. WTH we're not togther.

My Questions:

Does he want more?

If, yes, what happen to our agreement?

Should I end it? I would hate to hurt anyones feelings...

I love being single! AND would not trust this type of guy in a realtionship any how.



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  • 18 is a child? lololol...

    Give him some more time.


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