Not sure where to go from here with him? He takes so long to reply!

Can Itease him about it or should I take just as long? I know he's busy, but he responds to me usually every 24 hours or so. He went away for a week to make a music video (he is famous-ish) and didn't text me the whole time but before he left he kept saying we should hang out when he's back. I knew he was back but he didn't text me so I asked him how it went etc and instead of answering he texted back 'what are you doing right now' but I fell asleep so in the morning I texted him sayng that was too late for me to do something but to let me know when he'd like to get together. He responded (5 hours later) with 'lol sorry I was havig a bad night and just wanted out of the house' I am being a little silly because I haven't met him yet (POF) but I already feel ridiculously attracted to him, we have a lot in common and the music thing doesn't hurt either (I'm sure if I hadn't been listening to his music non stop I would have forgotten about him by now)

Im not sure if he's playing the game, not interested or just busy.. but I don't know where to go from here. With most guys I wouldn't reply and let them come to me but I really want to go on a date with him so I'm scared to seem desperate.. help! I know he could get almost any girl he wants so he probably has no real reason to chase me, y'know?
I seriously want more help guys! In our first few messages he said he was so glad he signed on pof because of me and we would definitely hang out when he gets back but he has barely contacted me at all since he's been back and didn't reply to me asking what his plans for the weekend were so I'm guessing he's not playing the game and he's just uninterested now.. I wonder why though :/


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  • If you wait and play games, then the conversation is dead... He'll just pay less and less attention to it. If he knows you message him regularly and in a timely manner, he'll realize that he probably got a message from you today or whatever... The less frequent it happens, the more back of the mind it gets.

    • Thank you! I was sort of thinking this too, he has no real reason to keep me on his mind when I'm sure girls are throwing themselves at him when he's doing shows and stuff haha, we haven't even met yet. (Im such a creep lol)

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  • if he's really serious about you then he should make a move...i'd say jz wait so you won't appear too desperate :)

    • We haven't met yet though so it would be harder for him to be that into me, like I've watched videos and interviews of him haha. I just want to meet him and then let him do the work but I don't want him to think whatever I do before hand is desperate either!

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