How to tell if a guy with a girlfriend likes me?

So this guy and I have been good friends for a little over a year and he's dating this girl from a different school on and off for three years and theyve known each other for a while. This guy and I talk everyday and he high fives me a lot and kind of interlocks his fingers with mine and squeezes when we high five. He'll wait for me before cross country practice and will offer to run with me even though he's state champion and I suck basically. Today he was the only one to stay with me when I had to do extra workouts because I forgot my tennis shoes... During lunch when I was about to walk away with my friend he was like "no stay with me."He is very encouraging and supportive and was there for me when my ex boyfriend (his best friend) broke up with me. He's complimented me multiple times on my appearence and seems to remember everything we talk about. I can feel him staring at me sometimes and when I pass by him in the hall he gives me a high five and smiles. When he talks about his girlfriend (not a lot) its either something negative like her hairs poofy or its something neutral like talking about her like she's his friend. He teases me a lot and we goof off a lot with each other and spent almost the entire senior retreat together. One time during our team pictures, he put his hand on my middle/lower back and led me over to one of the coaches. Do you think he has some sort of attraction for me? I know he's connected to his girlfriend and attatched because theye been dating foreverrr!


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  • You could be reading into it too much, he could just be friendly and enjoy running based on what I've read. At the same time would it really be a good idea to date a guy if he did like another girl while he was dating someone?


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