Is It Innapropriate For Boyfriend's "Ex" To Post Photos I Took?

My boyfriend is separated from his wife of five years... he and I started dating freshly after it. I understand it takes both parties to adjust to living separately and having children together. Over our relationship, little issues came up... like her calling all of the time, them sharing a FB group together, gaming together, etc. I am there practically everyday, so he is "respectful" enough to limit the communication.

He won't add me to his friend's list claiming that he is never on there for personal use and it is nothing but gaming stuff, but he "posted" a picture of he and I together. She is not only on his friend's list, but she tags him in EVERYTHING. Love songs, their dog, their kids... she misses him, I get it.

Here lies the problem: He and I went to an event. I took photos because his cell was about dead. I get on his gaming group to brag about my photos to my friends (I am part of the group)... she posted the pictures. He has not posted any, so that means that he thought to message her between me leaving and him going to work, and sent her the photos. Not only is it in their group, but his pictures of the event are on HER wall, and the "-with BlahBlah" at the event as if she went.

At this point, I don't think she knows the extent of our relationship.
** I'm sorry... I am NOT part of the gaming group that my photos are also uploaded to by his wife.

** He and I have been dating for four months.


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  • It looks like you are right...she might think there is a chance to get back with him. If there are kids involved then that is understandable. Clear boundaries have to be set by both of them. If he can not see it, and does not add you to his friend's list then it could be because he is not so sure about you and him yet. Have you met his kids yet?

    I know it is hard but you will be second for a long time until things are sorted. Are you prepared for that?


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