What exactly is he thinking?

I meant this guy a year and ahalf ago. He can be sweet and caring and ask about my day and just dig for information about me. Tells me about his day or about his family. Or what he has been up too.

Sometimes he will text me 5 times a day while other times it can go days or weeks (I don't text anymore I just keep losing interest and he called me clingy so I backed off it was clingy I was trying to show concern). But he always comes back.

He has taken me out for dinner, we have gone hiking biking swimming etc. He tickles me constantly sometimes he completely ignores me and another time he will get a big smirk on his face. He would text me everyday for a month to ask how I was, and tell me about his day. Text me at midnight to say he missed me or at 7 in the morning to say good morning! He knew I wasn't up yet.He told me when he was drunk one time that he ignored me just to keep my interest

In January when we returned to school from vacation I went over and saw him that night. And we got along great. The next day we went to the gym together and suddendly he left early and I asked him that night if he was mad and he said we should just be friends. I was crushed stopped talking. Then he came back and said I was too clingy...but I just cared about him.

Then another time he called it off again and then came back and wanted a hug. I refused but he snuck one in anyway and put his nose in my hair and apologized over and over again. Saying I was worth fighting for. He then wanted a picture of me and tried to get my to smile.

We are both in college and now its summer. He id want to see me before we left. But a lot of the time whenever I go over he will kiss me and be really affectionate and then all of the sudden he'll tell me to leave so he can go to bed.

He has been with other girls, many not relationships. he's 22.

He said we were not dating I was crushed. He said I was not his type. And then he turned around one day and said that he was sick of immature relationships and that he wanted me to be there for him and he wanted a relationship but the school year was over. He brought it up 2 times when he was drunk and then another time he said he wanted to talk about it when he was sober. And he did say that he meant what he said. (I mentioned that he was drunk in this question but he was only drunk 2x with me).

I was down one day and he told me that everything would be all right and try to have fun with my friends (there was a party that night).

This summer I completely cut him off. I got a new guy who treats me like a queen and I unfriended him on fb deleted his number everything. I saw that he did get a relationship the same day as me with someone else. but it didn't last more than 2 days apparently. Why would he get in a relationship with someone else so quickly (even if it didn't last) if I was "with him" all that time. It seemed like we were a legit couple at points. I spent the night before he begged me not to leave (nothing sexual happened).

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  • U saw what :O interesting story should be a movie :D but I have no idea what this guy is thinking like why can't he make up his mind on whether he wanted to be with you or not..it must have been tough for you cause he played with your emotions the way I see it so why worry what he was thinking he probably got jealous or wanted you to feel jealous and got a girlfriend cause maybe that's why it didn't last but who cares you got a guy that respects you now and that won't diss you for one week then hug you and apologize one month later , that didn't look like a stable relashionship to start with...eventhough you two SEEM like a legit couple it isn't an excuse to toy with your emotions like that..

    • Thanks for your answer! I really appreciate it! But why would he want to make me feel jealous if I was already wanting a relationship?

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  • This guy doesn't know what he wants. Consider yourself lucky... you dodged a bullet.


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