Whats your opinion? Please read, need advice.

First of all; how long should you wait before starting to date again after a 5 month, relationship?

& if you tried to get back together with your ex, but they said they just wanted to be best friends, if your close friends with your ex what should you do if you got into a relationship with a new person? Tell them or no? Do you think they would be mad?


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  • It's not any of your ex's concern who you date post relationship. If he's only interested in being your friend then what does he care who you date. I wouldn't be best friends with my ex. Too much history that you have to act like it never happened because you can't have a friendship bringing up things that happened when you were intimate with each other as a couple. I would date again when you feel ready. You'll know when that is based on your feelings; basically when your confidence comes back. I wouldn't base it on a particular time frame.

    Depending on how close you were with him (and I'm guessing you were pretty close since you are interested in being close friends so that you can still keep him in your life, essentially as close to the way he was before as possible), I wouldn't be friends with him. You'd always be thinking of it as a way back into his heart. He just wants to be close to you but will likely never want to date you again.


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  • If they said they just wanted to be friends then they should not have any problems with you getting to know someone new.

    Of course do not say things that go over board (like anything sexually) but you definitely should tell them just to give them a heads up.

    Worst things ever is that person finding out from someone else...

    I say tell that person everything that may happen...

  • ok well when I broke up with my ex of one year 3 months I only waited like two weeks to get back in there. and if he says he just wants to be friends then either they are trying to protect their feelings or they really don't think it will work out so well and just want to be friends. and if they told you they just want to be friends and you two are close then they shouldn't be mad at all. they missed out. they should be nothing but supportive too you if you really are just friends and you are as close as you say.

  • Why would you need to tell your ex? Why does it matter if they would be mad? You guys are ex's for a reason.


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