Hanging out with recent ex, does he want me back? Is this a good idea?

My ex and I broke up a few weeks ago. He has been back and forth and iffy for a few months and it's been tearing him apart, so I told him it just wasn't right to stay together. I could feel if it wasn't the same that it used to be, and I want to be with someone who really wants me back and loves me. So I broke up with him, but it was only because I knew it's what he wanted deep down...

He has been texting me almost every day. He started asking me to hang out again a few days after we broke up, but I'm pretty heartbroken, so I made excuses/said no for about a week. Then, I finally decided to see him again but it was really hard. I told him it's difficult and confusing for me to still hang out while we have feelings for each other.

He told me he can't imagine not hanging out and and that he still needs me. He asked me to get dinner the next day but I said no because hanging out two days in a row didn't seem like a good idea. We are getting dinner tonight though.

What's in his head? I'm so confused... I know we shouldn't get back together but I feel like that's where this is going...

HELP ME. What is he thinking, what should I do? I miss him like crazy and I want him back but I know the same thing would happen and we'd break up again gah I'm so confused


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  • Does he want you back? Probably.

    Is it a good idea? Of course not.


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  • Well I have borrowed a saying from a friend of mine... there is a reason an ex is called an ex.. in other words you can do better and move on!


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