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so this girl that I'm very crazy for, we've been on dates and group hangouts, btu they were way apart from each other, so like, first date back in dec, and then she's been denying my second date invitations, then she initiated a second date 3 months later, and days after second date we had dinner together with a girl friend of hers, she invited me and her girlfriend just happened to be there and we had to invite her. anyway, when we go out, she will occasionally flirt with me but not crazy flirts, and then we would always have a good time, but never really anything other than that. Now, she was gone to a summer internship for a few months and just came back about two weeks ago, she texted me a few days before she came back that we should hang out, and I told her that we will do it when she comes back. now that she's been back for two weeks, I'm gonna ask her out next week, and I'm thinking to just tell her that I've been crazy about her...

i know my chance is probably really low, but I'm tired of the game and I want closure on this..


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  • Honestly it doesn't seem like you are as into her as you think you are? I mean if a guy waited two weeks to ask me out I would be like "where were you?" If a girl really likes you she will go out with you, flirt with you, try to make contact with you. If she doesn't do these things she usually doesn't like you. Not all people are incredibly outgoing if she invited you out she seems to have no issue making a move. If I was on a date with a guy that I liked I would never invite my girlfriend. I can catch up with her anytime or even call her after the date. Just from that move alone it seems like you have been friend zone. Try asking her out on that date but if she seems reluctant, I would say just move on. Good luck!

    • well, it wasn't a date I think, it was at an event which she knew I was gonna be there and she asked if I wanna get dinner after it, and then a friend of her was there, and when we were leaving for dinner we just kinda asked if she wanted to join us, I mean we can't really just tell her friend to stay that's kinda rude. I wouldn't think she would be reluctant because she initiated it...but then..i know my chance is probably really low.

    • Hold on there buddy. You have to be confident! Girls love guys who are very confiendt. If she doesn't end up being into you move on and get another girl, its not the end of the world. Ask her out sooner rather then later. If it wasn't established as a date then I see where you are coming from. The sooner you ask her out the sooner all this doubting yourself will be over. You deserve the best so make it happen! :D

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  • the older way is to see if she'll let you hold her hand or kiss her. nowadays, you have to be more careful with that though. um... have you seen her since she got back? if no, plant a wet one on her, just be ready, if she decides to slap you.


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