Why did he ignore me when we were together but I caught him staring at me the other day

I was seeing this guy last year. Long story short he has been with a lot of girls and it seems like never a serious relationship with any of them. I really wanted to date him but he said I wasn't his type. Another time when he was drunk he said that he ignored me to keep me interested in him. And that he wanted me to be there for him as he was sick of immature relationships. I didn't believe him he was drunk.

But this summer on fb apparently he did get into a relationship with another girl the same day that I got into a different relationship. They didn't last. But I am still very happy with my new boyfriend. Yesterday though I was walking with my ex and he stopped to talk to his friends and my ex happened to be in the mix of friends. I walked off as I felt uncompfortable and hurt by the old guy. I turned around as I noticed my boyfriend wasn't walking with me and I saw he was still talking to his friends and then I noticed that the old guy was staring at me even when I glanced over at him he didn't break eye contact.

Why was he staring? I caught him staring a few days ago too. I am not interested in him anymore as he hurt me so bad emotionally abused me. Is he jealous or just being a jerk?


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  • Well, if you're the woman in the picture, you're obviously very cute! so he and any guy is going to stare at you. second of all, he had his chance and blew it, which allows him to believe that he might have a second chance. Its kinda like we want what we know we can't have, but we don't want what's right in the palm of your hand.my advice, move on without him he had his chance make him learn from his mistakes.


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  • Aww I feel your pain. I lost my boyfriend in May, was emotionally abused. Was the worst/best/craziest relationship I know I would ever experience

    You wrote that in one of your answers on another ?...that's the best thing I can do to answer this question for you.

    If you don't want to worry about him looking at you, just remember what you said


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