Should I try to make a move, or wait for her to?

I was dating this girl for two months, we slept together regularly. After some cottage trip (with no guys) she came back and completely ignored me. After two weeks I got a hold of her, she said she wasn't ready for a relationship, but wanted to FWB. We made plans, then she stood me up, and ignored me for another two weeks. She wrote to me on Facebook, saying that she was sorry to leave me hanging figuring stuff out, and that she couldn't be in a relationship with me, not even friends "without looking like a d***", and told me she was going to give my stuff back to a mutual friend. I accepted it. Then on Facebook, she liked something of mine, and within 6 days, we were communicating again.

So I'm shooting a short film, and she agreed to be in it. She was over at my house yesterday, we ended up playing guitar, and having a beer. I kept my distance, like not getting physical close. There was some sexual jokes made, and she even mentioned that she's seen me naked in conversation. When she left, she hugged me.

The question is, should I be trying to make a move on her? We seem to be interacting the same way we did when we dated, only no kissing or sex. Should I just back off?


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  • Nope there's something mentally unstable about her. Unless you have proof, she was on that cottage trip with a guy. That's the only reason a woman who was f***ing you went cold turkey, she found a new f*** buddy.

    I don't think you should be Facebook friends or be seeing her at all actually. I think your feelings are on the line here. She has shown you her true colors and will drop you in an instant if you let her.


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