Why dose he do this? I don’t understand this at all!!

I’d ask this in relationship section but it’s more of a relationship question. I really like my guy, we have been on and off for 2 years, not really together the whole time tho, more like FWB. Now when we are at home he’s cuddly, sweet and very loving. We joke around and just are more relaxed ,he gives me a ton of attenchion. But when were out he’s not very affectionet until we have had a drink or two. He’s all over his ‘boys’ and all. I get kinda ignored and I end up being more quiet cause they all know each other since they went to school together. OK yesterday for example, we were in the city all day and most of the night. I got ignored most of the time , except for after we had drinks. He was like I wouldn’t wife you when his bro was talking about his serious relationship. But when were together he talks about how if he was rich he would buy me a ring and he would marry me. Then when were just alone doing something he’s so diffrent with me. Last 2 times time we broke things off because I wanted to be in a serious relationship. And both times he’s wanted me back. Our time apart is getting shorter and shorter, first was 6 months then like 3 , 2 and a half months and last time was a month. Last break up was half cause I wanted to get serious and half cause he doesn’t have much free time. SO why want to be with me if he’s still got a busy schedule? WHy act like that ? And why tell me you wouldn’t wife me but then when were alone say sh*t like that? I’m just not understanding him.


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  • He wants you when HE wants u, dump him and find someone who appreciates you and wants to see you a lot more and shows you off to the world.


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