Planning to move to Germany, how do I go about it?

Gf which I loved dearly broke up with me 3 weeks ago, I'm pretty damn f***ed up over it and now she's telling me I'm being creepy...

I've decided to move to Germany just so I have something to look forward to, I love Europe a lot and I was wondering how do I go about moving there ? I've applied to some universities there, but I know I don't have much chance of getting accepted, barely got into UTSA and Texas A&M and got rejected from OU >.>

I'm 19 I have a 3.4 GPA


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  • Germany is Schengen, so I'd say, as an American citizen it will be freaking hard to be accepted there. You need to prove that you have enough money to sustain yourself there. If you have very good grades you can get governmental support, but I don't think that you fit into that category, even though I don't know how GPA works.

    Try Italy, Spain or France, they're easier, maybe even Greece. The languages are not harder to learn than German, but the authorities there are less strict. Also some Eastern European countries joined Schengen area recently or are part of the EU.

    I'd say for Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Finland and Iceland you have to be like really rich to get there. The other places are cheaper.

    • German public universities are only about $500 per semester even for foreigners, I should mension that even tho I live in United States, I'm not a U.S Citizen yet, I do have a white passport for the U.S tho.

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    • It's a A2 for Bachelor and B2 for Masters Degree lol

      So far I've learned 17 words in German lol

    • Well... it's more than nothing :D You can message me in German, I write back in German ^^ I'm basically a native trilingual: German, French and Hebrew :D Choose your favourite.

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  • Well my man I moved from Russia to USA and it wasn't pretty man. I had to learn English language from scrap and it was painful staking looooong ess process. We are talking about long horse of studying and one more time studying and again studying even more, unless of course you know German, than it is a whole different topic. Plus I do have to say from experience European education is A LOT harder and tuffer than US and that is a FACT! Back to your question, how can you start, first you have to pick a right major where you'll be able to get a job after finishing university, secondly you have to prove your self to them that you are worthy and you are fully committed to do what is necessary to fit and and be the best of the best through video interview your GPA seems good to me so you won't have to worry about that at least.

    • Well, I have to learn English too, I'm not a native English speaker, so I think I can manage that, also German and English seem to have a lot in common, learning the language isn't the hard part.

      I was thinking about going into computer/electric engineering which has English courses o.O

    • I don't know about English and German language having a lot in common, but I do can say that Russian and German is lol, same hard pronunciation lol. But hey, if you feel comfortable learning new language go for it, it is always a good idea to do so. Electrical engineering is a good major, our generation lives in a right time for that kind of job. Lot's of technology, lot's of new inventions, lot's of new discoveries to be made in not so distant future. But you have to be the best of the best man

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