Is there anyway I can push her to take a risk for once and try and make this happen?

Me and this girl have very strong feelings for each other, possibly even love. She says that she often gets jealous and tells me "the only person I want you to make love with is me".

However there's a major set back: she lives in Paris and I in London and we both know it's impossible for us to make this into a proper relationship because of this. However, she has told me that if it were easier we would definitely be together.

Is there anyway I can push her to take a risk for once and try and make this happen ...

She means so much to me it's unbearable to think that this all going to waste.

The only times we see each other are in the summer and this thing we have had together has lasted 3 years and is still going very strong.

Please be free to ask me any questions.
Just to add that I'm going to Uni in a couple of weeks ... she's told me that she was even considering to go to the same Uni as me (not because I was there). She said it was kind of hard because of money, etc ... but I've just remembered that foreign students get a lot more help financially in terms of loans etc .. so it might (hopefully) be a chance.


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  • correct me if I'm wrong, from london to france is 30 miles (45ish km)? how much further to paris? did you not apply to any parisian schools? if you remembered that foreigners get extra incentives, have you told her yet?

    • lol there's about 300 miles to Paris from London. If it was only 45 kms we wouldn't have a problem.

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    • even though she's the one saying "we can't be together because of the distance".

    • it's a test. if you want to be with her close the distance. if you don't she will probably walk. I say probably because if she has better options (closer guy) she's more likely to forget about you. if she has no option, then she may stick with you like y'all are.

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