Why do I feel so heartbroken now?

I just moved to residence about 45 min away from my home town to go to college. I've left a college girlfriend back home. We both agreed to date while I'm college and while she's back home doing her sr year of high school. The short distance away is fine and we plan on seeing one another once a week alternating from me going back home to her coming up here. Ever since I moved in I've been feeling heartbroken and sort of lost, as if me and her broke up or something. We text all the time and just planned out first visit so Its not like she's giving me any reasons to feel upset. I'm just feeling really down and depressed whenever I think about her. How can I stop this? its really eating away at me -.-


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  • Trust me, I just moved out for college too, and although I didn't have a significant other I am very close to all my family and to my best friend who I was with 70% of my childhood up until now. It's normal. And it will feel that way for a while because you're used to being able to see her whenever and knowing she's just a couple miles (or whatever) a way from you. And now, she just isn't that close, and you can't reach for her when you want to and it feels like you are separated because you've never been through this before. But she's there and she probably feels the same way. My point is, it's something that goes away and something you get used to- being away from him/her/them/etc and for right now you just have to work with it. Try and make sure to get out and do things that way it won't have as much time to eat at you and take over your brain and feelings. Good luck (:


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