How should I feel about this situation?

My problem stems from my wife not being over her ex husband, and she even said to me once that it hurts her that he is is with someone else.She went to a gathering with her 2 children and her ex, and did not want me to attend. What are the signs that she may just want out of our marriage? We've been together 2 years, and it seems that there is always something not quite right.

After 2 years, when we talk about this situation, my wife defends her actions and her ex, and tells me to get over it. Even at her daughters wedding, she took photos with her ex as a couple, with his arm around her, and I was told that it was just a picture, and that I should get over it.


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  • Wow, I don't think I would feel comfortable with that at all. If it is really getting so bad that she won't say anything but get over it maybe talk to a couples counsellor so there is some what of a mediator to aid.


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  • While she is really not handling issues with her ex well, I see that as independent of her wanting out of your marriage. They are two separate issues. Somehow you need to find a way to get her to take your concerns more seriously before you start thinking about wanting out of the marriage.

    • What do you mean?

    • She dismisses you when she says "get over it". While that might be convenient for her to refuse to talk about it, the problem doesn't go away. You haven't gotten over it and I doubt that most men would either.

    • Thanks I totally agree:-)

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