Why is ex trying to get my attention?

My ex girlfriend told me not to contact her or even try and talk to her in person approx 4 weeks ago. We were on and off for nearly 2 years

We split up about 6 weeks ago. It was a heavy and hard split

She's got a new boyfriend now

We both work at the same place so I do see her occasionally

I have ignored her and no contacted her for nearly 4 weeks

But last week at work she was making effort to get my attention and trying to talk to me but I just ignored her.

We drive the same route to get to our homes and she ended up behind me at a set of traffic lights. She then started to do some swear signs at me (in a joking way) trying to make me laugh. Again I ignored her and continued driving home.

What's her problem? Plus she has a boyfriend


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  • Look. From expirence myself. She proabably misses you and wants your attention. Boyfriend or not. She may have used him as a destraction so she didn't have to think about you guys. Or she could just miss talking to you. Ignoring her is not doing anyone any good but hurt. So call or text her and see how she's doing

    • Thing is when we broke up I wanted us to be friends and be amicable. She's the one who started ignoring me and didn't want me to contact her. I sent her a couple of messages about 4 weeks trying to be nice, she didn't even reply. But now it sounds like she's realized she's lost me and wants to contact me. Last night she was out with friends she got drunk and rang me a few times at midnight but I didn't answer and haven't bothered contacting her.

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  • It's either the denial stage of grief or she misses you OR she's "over" you and thus thinks you need to just hop on her schedule and be okay with her now due to hating confrontation and tension.

    • have you confronted her and explained to her why to split up for and asked to just be friends as sometimes that works

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    • she jumped in too quickly(rebound) things are starting to cool off and the blinders are coming off..she misses you

    • Yeah, that.

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