So I'm going to Cuba for winter break, what are the Do's and Don'ts?

Hey, so I am going to Cuba this winter break, and I was just wondering since I've never been there before, what are the do's and don'ts. Also I was thinking about buying a new canon or nikon camera before I go? which is better? And I'm bringing my macbook air, iPhone, and Beats with me is that okay? And should I bring my debt Visa? or Credit card? And is it really hot there because some places look cloudy sometimes, by the way I'm 18 what is the drinking age there? And I wanna watch the sunrise on the beach what time should I leave the resort to see it?
Oh and is it hot or really hot in Cuba, in December?


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  • The weather is hot year round. I would not take too many computer or expensive electronics the country is very poor. If you carry too much you may be required to pay duty on items you already own. People bring electronics to Cuba to leave with their families and the Government has cracked down on this by taxing items they think are going to be left. There is no or little reason for a macbook air, Internet is near non existent.

    On cameras, take something that you can put in your pocket. Do not expect Internet service possibly only in a few hotels and it may not be wifi, check they are close to dial up in speed.

    Your iphone is just a pretty toy in Cuba. Check before you go, last I heard Venezwala was helping to set up their Internet. Satellite phones and Internet are illegal

    If you are coming from the USA you may have more problems, people in general have a different view of Americans. Most Americans they know are there chasing the little girls or women chasing the men for sex. Best to tell people you are Canadian which are equally as bad but not hated in the same way.

    At night it is best if you have a male with you at all times along with a photo copy of your passport on you. The local women cannot be seen with tourist or they go to jail.

    Drinking age is not a problem for you. Most countries central and south do not have minimum drinking ages.

    I cannot give you much advice on currency other than people buy dollars and other currency and because you are a woman may want to stick with the established exchanges. There are 2 different currency, one is outdated and may only be used by the locals. I would not take a visa or bank card some how you think you are going to a vacation spot.

    Please note that if anyone ask you how long you are there, they are a thief.

    Cuba is more of a boys town type of country and not really designed for the woman tourist. Have you thought of perhaps the Cayman Island or Bahamas? Hope this was helpful.

    • Thank you for the help, you and wpmason, were very helpful but you explained more. And I am going on vacation to the resorts. I'm going with my best friends she's a girl to. Anyways thanks.

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  • Take a debit card, and withdrawal as much cash as you can each trip to an ATM. DO NOT use a debit or credit card to pay for things, ATMs give a better exchange rate and lower per use fees. Also, since it's Cuba, if you're American, check with your bank ahead of time to ensure you can use your cards there. If you can't, I'd recommend exchanging as much American money for Canadian cash at a bank prior to leaving. Then, when you arrive in Cuba, exchange the Canadian for Cuban. That way they won't assume you're American.

    Canon vs. Nikon is like Ford vs. Chevy, there's no single right answer. Use the website to look at reviews and compare models.

    Cuba uses a mix of different electrical outlets depending on where you're at, so if you're electrical devices (chargers, etc.) are North American, pick up some European style adapters. Most things don't need a converter (that changes the electrical current from 110 to 220 or vice versa), just a simple outlet adapter (the changes the type of prongs) should be sufficient. If you're not sure about something, almost everything has the rated current marked on it on either a sticker or molded into the plastic. Make sure all your stuff says 110/220 (as in BOTH) and you won't have any trouble.

    Of course, all basic travel rules apply as well. Pack lightly, you don't want to have to carry TOO MUCH luggage up stairs or several blocks. I never go anywhere with more than a 33L backpack. I can carry it on the plane to save money, it holds my laptop, camera, video camera, clothes, sandals and walking shoes, with room to spare. Don't take any ridiculous shoes, it's just dumb. I always wear a pair of hiking boots, and pack some light walking shoes and flip flops. That's all anyone ever needs. Get a brimmed sunhat, and where it to the airport, for the security check, use the hat as a basket for all the little things in your pockets. You'll get through security faster and avoid sunburns.

    All your questions about weather, sunrise, drinking age... Google knows those answers. It's not rocket science, in fact Wikipedia will tell you the average temps by month.

  • Do - Go in the middle of Havana and shout "Castro sucks!" lolol...

  • Eat lots of pork!

  • What is your home country?

    • Canada, toronto

    • Make sure you immediately locate the Canadian Consulate/Embassy. Your debit card will not work there so make sure you have cash on you. You're also going to need proof of healthcare from Canada, I wouldn't recommend driving anywhere and to take a taxi and don't have any debts while you're there because you won't be able to leave the country until they're satisfied.

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