Is it necessary to tell girl I'm going to give her some space and not contact her?

or do I just ignore her , well stop trying to make contact with her and move on . we got into a argument on Saturday and I didn't realize she had been so bothered by my attempts to contact her on Facebook and texts as I though she wanted to be friends but apparently she didn't or at least not anymore .

so I've decided I'm going to give her some space and not make any more attempts to contact her. but I wanted to send a short email to her girlfriend that I know and still talk to saying I was doing this just so they know I'm cool with things and going to respect her wishes and move on or should I just disappear and she'll get the hint I moved on anyways ?


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  • move on. she apparently has. if she contacts you, that's different. most girls today, will let you know quick if it ain't gonna happen. how? they won't take your calls/texts/emails. that's how you know.


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