Why am I feeling this way? Why am I regaining these feelings?

I have all of a sudden started to regain feelings for my 3rd ex girlfriend. She had a lot of issues and would use her issues against me at times close to the point of verbal abuse which annoyed me but she was so passionate especially during sex. We were in love with each other back when we did date. Why am I regaining these feelings? I'm a guy and I'm not supposed to feel.


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  • I think we need more background, but I think personally each future girlfriend is better than the older one, by this I mean real relationships. So I guess You do miss her, and I'm guessing you're not completely over her. So I think it's normal to feel that way.

    Personally, whenever I get into a break up, I don't end it in a bad way, and there's been 2 times I try to get back, and when they refuse to get back with us, its harder.


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