Are we broken up or separated?

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this. I appreciate it. My girlfriend broke up with me two years ago. We were together for three ½ years and I really loved her and she told me she loved me. We grew very close all the time we were together. I will admit I did some hurtful things to her and I can’t blame anybody but myself. She did eventually forgive me once I owned up to them and when I did everything I can to make it up to her. She wanted to transfer to UCLA because that’s where she always wanted to go. Her happiness is all that mattered to me so I supported her to get there. Yet, I was worried she might get so wrapped up there with new people and new environments and that she would spend less time talking and contacting me (it being 100 miles from where I was at). That did happen and I would tell her how upset I was but I didn’t intend to make her feel guilty but she took it that way. When she broke up with me after a year later, she said she didn’t love me anymore and that I didn’t treat her like I loved her and she couldn’t take the guilt she said I was making her feel. That same day, I asked her if there’ any chance to be together again and she said maybe, if I leave her alone during the breakup. I did text her every now and then during these two past years. At times, she was upset and told me to leave her alone and at other times, she didn’t mind. I was just worried if she was just leading me on and I needed reassurance. Eventually, she started talking to me in text this past month. She told me she had gotten over her anger towards me. I asked her again if we can have a chance to be together. She said maybe, not sure and it all depends how I act from this point on. Everything was going OK. We were catching up with each other and I was helping her with her coursework. Then all of a sudden, she stopped responding to my texts. I texted her from another number and she told me she doesn’t want to talk to me, to go away, leave her alone, and if I text her back, she will block the numbers I’m texting from. I never had the chance to heal because I believed that there’s was always a chance. She has never told me a straight yes or no answer. She has never straight out said she wants nothing to do with me. I’m in constant emotional pain. I still love her just as strong and I still want her back. I just don’t know what to do anymore. Why is she doing this? What is the best choice for me to do from this point on?


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  • She hasn't left you many options. You can't make talk to someone who refuses to talk to you. She really should have given some reason, whether because she met someone else or something else entirely. She was probably not leading you on with her maybes, at least from her perspective. I don't think she had the hope for a future together that you did. Whatever the change was, it probably was sudden. She had little to gain by deliberately giving you false hope. I don't know that knowing the reason why she blocked you out would make it hurt any less. It's an awful thing that happened to you but I don't see what can give you fresh hope in a reconciliation.

  • If you've not gotten back together for 2 years, you have your answer. It's "NO". Get over it and move on.


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