GUYS opinions..could he like me? Did he want me to go with him?

He's made a point of sitting right next to me in class on Friday, and though is shy often catches my eye and we laugh/smile at each other

We sit in rows which are difficult to get out of, and he almost always helps me get in and out, by moving chairs etc.

He's pretty shy, and I often start the convos. However randomly throughout the day he'll say something to me..I have noticed he talks kinda quiet and mumbly a lot of times (which he doesn't around his other friends) and kinda laughs nervously, so sometimes I don't catch everything he says

Then today, we were sitting next to each other again today. He hadn't said much, but then on lunch break he randomly said something to me as he got up and headed for the line to get out to the commons. He walked forward and I was we went in line together and he turned around so he could keep talking to me. However, I had to go the opposite direction, and I though he had finished talking so I turned and was gonna walk the other way and he said something else. Then I continued walking down..However I noticed he kind awaited for a sec, almost like he wanted me to come with him on break or something..idk.. do you think he could of wanted to hang out at lunch together? Is there a chance he could like me?


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  • Yes to all he likes you and what's to spend time with you Werther it be just friendship or even in a romantic way.


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