What do girls think about after a breakup?

Do You think about the past? Do you wonder if you made a mistake by leaving? Do you think about getting back together?


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  • Me personally, being the dumpee, I never wanted to break up. I missed him a lot, and cried a lot. And wished he'd get back with me. I honestly still do wish he wanted to be with me. I did think about the past a lot and what was wrong and the ways it could have been fixed. But he didn't feel that way.

    I'm assuming this question is for the girlfriends who ended the relationship rather than the ones like me who got dumped.


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  • I was the one being dumped so maybe you can't really use my answer but..

    I think about him all the time, I can't ease my mind even though it's been a month now. I never wanted the break up and I cry every day. I don't even recall bad times, I can only think about the good times we shared together and wish he would come back to me.

    I'm assuming you actually got dumped and not her but I still hope I could help.

  • All the time. I have broken up with one person that I regretted, but I felt as though the person left me before the words actually came out of my month. I have tried getting back together with one person; but I have found that this particular guy is playing hard to get. I think guys play a lot of game when they have been dumped, which makes it hard for the girl to reach out.


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  • Not that I have seen. My ex dumped me and never looked back. I've had a few friends dumped by girls and they did the same thing. Best thing you can do is move on with your life and just try and be positive. Girls hate when their ex's are happy, so that will be what will bother her if nothing else.

    • What was the reason why you guys broke up?

    • She wanted to "see what else was out there". She grew up in a strict family and really never got attention from guys and was often self-conscious about herself and her presence. I took a liking to her and really showed her that it's okay to open up and make herself look pretty and to reach out to people for friendships. We dated for several years and when she had friends, confidence, and had been noticed by people she decided to leave. It was kind of a slap in the face to me, I never forgot it.

    • That sucks, man. It's crazy how she can change just like that.

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