GUYS! Will he come back after breaking up due to a misunderstanding?

ok so me & my boyfriend have been going out for almost 3 years. We were in a serious relationship & were even sure about marriage. Recently we had a few misunderstandings, one my friends hacked into my emails & sent a break up email to him, after that I realized something was wrong because I never heard from him in 2 months (but I never looked into it too much & assumed he was busy) so finally I contact him, but he tells me he's done & explains to me about the email, I was shocked, had no idea what he was talking about till my friend was sorry & justified what had happened & told me she was just messing around. I tried to let him know that it was a misunderstanding & I didn't break up with him, he didn't believe me & just said its been 2 months & he's over it & done and there's nothing left to say. after 2 days I decided to email him & explain how I was sorry, how I thought we'd fight for each other & never give up no matter what. I sent a whole essay just trying to set things straight & then gave him the option to think about it properly & make a decision instead of making hasty decisions and ending the relationship over a misunderstanding. I told him it can be sorted out, and that id never give up on him no matter what. The email sounds convincing enough, I then ended the email saying he can take his time & reply when he thinks he's ready. I believe he is really hurt but I'm afraid he really has gotten over it? I don't know, because we were together for 3 years, its impossible he'd forget everything an claim he's done. I know he still cares. So will he come back? will he be convinced & reply soon? it was a serious relationship & he really wanted to marry me/have a future with me, so will he stop being so cold hearted and believe me & decide to sort things out? what goes through a guys mind at this stage? how do you tackle with a situation. and what more can I do to ensure he does come back?

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  • You might want to start by having your friend talk to him so that he can hear for himself that you're not merely making an excuse. The worst is a 2 month span without contact and not noticing anything wrong. This is harder to explain. Unfortunately for him, it really is as if you broke up with him because that's all he's been thinking about for two months. You need to do more than convince him that the email was false. You have to figure out why that long span of isolation happened and what that means going forward.

    • She did talk to him, we both did a lot of explaining, she said she was sorry & told him exactly what happened. Now I'm just wondering whether he just needs time to take it all in and then maybe come and talk to me? I don't know, I just hope with time he cools off & takes me back

    • I would agree. It makes sense to give him some time on this. If you don't hear from him eventually, you probably should make contact. I don't know how long to wait though.

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